Who Am I ?

Minecraft in General

Hey! I’m the creator of the modules on this website. I’ve been part of the Minecraft comunity since July 2014. Even if these modules are my best and most important project, I’ve made a map named «When pigs take over death», which (in my opinion) isn’t very good as I was just getting the hang of command blocks and had no experience with map making.

Command Blocks

I started command blocks in 1.8 (a few months after it’s release) and I’ve done stuff in every version since. I bought (around the release of 1.10) Cubik Studio to make 3D models, which I now only use on rare occasions. Today I make projects based on older stuff I made or inspired by already existing mods. Quality, Responsiveness and Lag-friendly are the words I create by.

The Endorah

Since the 29th of May 2019 I’ve joined the Endorah as a Command Blocker and Graphics Designer. Some of the projects I’ve worked on are Ankharak, Fallen Kingdoms IX, etc I was promoted to Technical Assistant on the 12th of January 2020. The Endorah has opened many doors for me including the door of ‘The City of Elements’.